New swivel \\_ presentation of version 3

The characteristics

We unveil our latest generation of swivel.

Here are the main characteristics :

\\_ An enlarged central hole,

\\_ Lighter: approximately 8.5 kg

\\_ less thick: only 21 mm.

For which vehicles ?

Available and approved for the following vehicles:

Trafic X82 (reference CBTO20)

Ford Transit Custom V362-363 (reference CBTO19),

Vito W447 and Sprinter M907 and M910 (reference CBTO21).

These swivels are also available but not approved for the FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM V710 (reference CBTO24) et VW ID-BUZZ (reference CBTO25).


30 years of experience

1993: 1st swivel                                                                                   2004: swivel version 2                                                                                             2023: swivel version 3