About us

Discover our history and the journey accomplished over the past 40 years

  • 1981

    Buying of the company RIB AUTO SA

    Creation of SCOPEMA born by the wishes of six former employees of company RIB-AUTO SA to keep their production skills and knowledge within the sphere of automotive upholsterers, the company SCOPEMA SARL, is created 1st June 1981 under the form of SCOP (SCOPEMA – Cooperative Society of Production workers, Autos and Motors) Each employee then became a shareholder of the Company. The brand RIB which was created in 1996 is conserved. SCOPEMA since it’s creation has become the leading French manufacturer of ergonomic seats, it manufactures bucket seats for the smaller series of cars both sporting and leisure (Visa chrono, JP4, Renault 5 Belle Ile …) as well as competition seats for the track and off-road vehicles. At the same time, SCOPEMA pursued the manufacture of leather goods for motorcyclists (jackets, boots, overalls, gloves…) which made the brand RIB famous in the 1970’s, and the manufacture of automobile accessories such as steering wheel covers, gear lever ball covers, gear lever boots, dust covers…

  • 1986

    Diversification of activities

    The diversification of activities towards the manufacture of seats for unlicensed single cylinder cars and Camping cars permitted the progressive evolution of manufacturing methods for SCOPEMA seats, namely a framework in polyester and one in metal.

  • 1988

    Seats and benchseats for Campervan

    SCOPEMA concentrates on the Camping car market, it strengthened it’s manufacture of ergonomic seats (with armrests) a metal framework by the manufacture of reversible benchseats and convertible into seats for sleeping.

  • 1992

    Export and development of the range of benchseats

    SCOPEMA develops its activity of research and development.

    The range of reversible benchseats are progressively enriched and constantly improved (the principal of the function of these benchseats became the subject of registered copyright) this offered a solution for each type of sleeping arrangement as required.

  • 1993

    European Homologation

    European Homologation of the whole range of convertible benchseats by the TUV Rheinland (Germany), this first homologation was followed by various extensions to follow the evolution of standards.

  • 1994


    SCOPEMA conceives and manufactures the seat swivels for the Campervan.

  • 1995

    Creation of the two brands Le Sellier and Jocker

    Creation of 2 new brands : “The Sellier” for purely saddle products (covers, cushions, curtains…) and “Jocker” for seats and benchseats between the range, the brand RIB rests attached to products of the range.

  • 1998

    European Homologation of the whole of the range of metal seat armatures and swivel seats, including installation on the vehicle, by the TUV Rheinland (Germany), following the evolution of standards of installation of this type of product. Since this date, extensions of this homologation are regularly carried out to ensure conformity of our mountings on each new vehicle.

  • 2004

    New campaign for approval for the benchseats (made by UTAC – France), in collaboration with the majority of French converters, grouped in the CARCOSERCO
    (French Federation of the vehicles conversions), to meet the new requirements of the European regulations (for fixation of the seats who must be tested in each vehicle type).

  • 2006

    Always seeking to increase the quality of it’s services, SCOPEMA changes it’s address and moves to a new production site of 1910 sqm in Oradour sur Vayres. Scopema also developed (and patented) a new type of benchseats, with integrated 3 points safety belts in the backrest.

  • 2011

    Approval of the 3-seater versions of the seat with integrated 3 points belts.

  • 2016

    Expansion of the production site, bringing the total area of the premises to 2540 sqm.

  • 2017

    Buying of the old CARCOSERCO-owned anchor Approvals for RIB seats : SCOPEMA now becomes the sole owner of the approvals for all of its products.

  • 2018

    Construction of a new extension and expansion of the car parks, bearing the total area of the premises at 2850 sqm. The limit of the 100 benchseats produced per week is crossed.

  • 2021

    Construction of our new factory

  • 2022