Benchseat on rails

Our benches on rails certainly arrive later on the market than our competitors, but they have a definite advantage: to meet all the demands for comfort and modularity of users of campervans.

Available in 2024, here are the main features of our benchseats on rails

  • Available in 2 or 3 seater versions, with only 2 rails.
  • Moving is smooth, they are easy to handle, whether empty or with passengers seated on the bench seat.
  • Unlocking is easy and secure thanks to a double unlocking system to prevent accidental unlocking while driving.
  • They are equipped with an automatic locking system: as soon as the handle is released, the bench will automatically lock at the nearest place (every 25 mm).
  • They offer total flexibility, they can take all the desired locations in the vehicle.
  • Rail lengths are adjustable:

For track lengths, we go with the following lengths:

700mm 850mm 1000mm 1150mm


With the combination of rails, other lengths can be realized.

  • Strong and lightweight;
  • the NEPTUNE 3P / 3-seater (120XL) model weighs only around 99 kgs!
  • Disassembly using tools that will be provided.
  • Rails equipped with protection against the insertion of foreign bodies.
  • Finally, the installation of our benches does not require any drilling in the floor, thus making them compatible with electric vehicles.

Compatible with several floor thicknesses (adjustable finishing strips).

With these advantageous characteristics, our benches on rails are positioned as a practical solution adapted to the needs of our customers in terms of modularity.

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