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Cap 70 000 – July 2018


First episode of Cap 70 000 season 2 ! Ordered by th Scop,
the reporting web series has for objective to highlight Scop’s
and Scic’s who made a growth bet.

Today let’s stop at Scopema, a Scop located at Oradour-sur-Vayres,
near Limoges. Specialized in the confection of bench seats
and convertible seats with security belts and rotating swivels
for camping cars and converted vans, they experienced a high
expansion on the international stage.We are interviewing
Gilles Ribette, the senior mananger, and Xavier Gasquet,
Limousin UR director, to understand the reasons of this success.


France Culture - May 1st 2013

«Scopema, a sharing company »

Scopema is one of those companies where the capital belongs
to the co-workers  who share the profit, the risks, decisions and
elects their director. Like a snook to the crisis, that SMEs of 25
persons located in the Limousin is in full growth.The company
acquired in 1981 by former employees following a bankruptcy plan,
Specialized itself in the equipement of bench seats and seats
for camping-cars. Today, she exports  60% of its production,
hired 7 persons since 2010 and its turnover increased more than
17% last year. Most of those results are made for a large part by
the growth of new patents and a participatory management.

Secrets of a company who succeeded to produce in France
with a fair distribution of wealth and respecting people.

Production : Isabelle
Realization : François Teste

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France 3 Régions - September 19th 2012

Focus on Scopema from Oradour-sur-Vayres who is expanding
despite the crisis

Scopema, French leader of seats and bench seats manufacturing for
camping-cars, continues its ascent but expresses her worries towards
the new european standards.

Scopema is located at Oradour-sur-Vayres, esports 60% of its benchseats
and seats production worlwide, mainly in Europe.

Since 2004, the Haute-Vienne company must realize vehicle  crash- tests
to show the bench seats resistance. Two years later ,the company developps
a european licence leading to a registration last year of the 3 point belts benchseat
highly secure. A heavy investment of tens of thousands of euros which allowed
Scopema to expand and even to recruit.


Article written by Angélique Martinez

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