V2 Swivels

RIB Swivels

Swivel for original individual seat

Swivels for :

  • original driver and passenger seats
  • for individual seats only

in France

TUV Rheinland
2 versions :
offset or non-offset version depending on the model
Approval :
European approval Nr 93SG0316-00 for most vehicles


  • Original seat fixation points
  • Steelplates 5 mm (Thick)
  • Thickness : 23 mm
  • Weight : 12 Kg (depending on the model)
  • Stabilization by Teflon supports
  • Automatic stoppage facing the road
  • Easy unbolt
  • Middle offset rear side : 60 to 140 mm (depending on the model)

Options :

  • Available according to mounting needs and for only a few models :
  • Handbrake trim cover
  • Handbrake lowering kit

Important point on the use of our products : The rotation of our swivels has to be done with nobody on the seat.

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