ISOFIX TOP TETHER \\_ New on our seats

New on our benchseat

From now on, all our benchseats with integrated 3-point belts : Altair 3P and Neptune 3P will be equipped with the ISOFIX TOP TETHER system, as standard. Offered up to now as an option, this system allows a simple and quick installation of the car seat which considerably reduces the risk of incorrect installation.

From July 1, 2023

Our integrated 3-point belt benchseats delivered from July 1, 2023 will be supplied with the ISOFIX TOP TETHER device, which is mandatory on all vehicles leaving the factory since February 2011.

ISOFIX TOP TETHER will be on all our seats

What is TOP TETHER ?
The new ISOFIX systems are no longer content with 2 anchor points. There are therefore 2 ISOFIX anchor points supplemented by a 3rd anchor point. This 3rd point of stability (anti-rotation device) prevents the car seat from tipping forward in the event of a collision; The TOP TETHER is a strap at the back of the car seat which will be fixed in the metal buckle at the rear backrest of our seats.

How many ISOFIX TOP TETHER on a seat

The number of seats fitted with the ISOFIX TOP TETHER system depends on the width of the benchseats.

1 and 2 seater benches :

benefit from as many ISOFIX TOP TETHER equipment as there are seats.

For 3-seater benches :

the 120 cm XL benchseat has 1 ISOFIX seat in the centre.

The 129 benchseat has 2 ISOFIX TOP TETHER seats on the outside seats.

And the 140 and 150 cm benchseats are fitted with 3 ISOFIX TOP TETHER seats.